Sunday, March 9, 2008


I have set up my ZOHO account and am creating my firsts blog entry.

So, here's the first line

surprised the horizontal rule option is very cool

so is putting in pictures...

back to 23 things

I am coming back to try and finish the 23 things challenge,and so far have managed to find my blog again. Next, I am going to add this to my bloglines account

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I made an avatar using meez -- what a hoot! I have a whole new persona, complete with cowboy hat. I was going to export it to the blog, but decided it would be better to keep it totally away from anyone I know.....

RSS feeds, etc

I have tried setting up a bloglines account before, but never got very far.
This time, I actually spent a few minutes thinking about it, and set up some feeds that I actually use and added the link to my tool bar. I check it often, and am enjoying it.

I decided to keep things simple, so I have put in the library related stuff (like the programming blog), some news links about my home town and the salisbury blogs, Merlin. I looked through some of the search sites like Technorati, but I may be too far out of touch for them. I was overwhelmed by the number of choices, and after a few minutes of looking around I just gave up. Too many things -- and way too many that seem to be just people pointing to other people rambling. If anyone knows of sites they like and actually find useful, I think I will work from recommendations.

Monday, June 18, 2007

post # 2

I have been playing with the Flickr Toys site. What a hoot! I am continually amazed at how some things have become incredibly simple with technology -- I loved being able to "warholize" my picture-- while some things that should be easy (like remembering what password I set up for what and figuring out what a photostream is) are still tricky.

This might show my age, but I still have a basic concern with blogs and Flickr. Now that I can post my deepest thoughts and create my photo displays, I am not sure that I have anything that is truly worth sharing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

blog entry 1

This is the first blog entry. I have used blogging once before when we first started revising the web page, but this interface is way easier to use and much prettier. Wow, look at what you can do with the font and colors and you can even put a picture in the post